Riley's New Pool

By T-Rah

Compared to our old bathtub in CO...this thing is an olympic sized pool!! Riley is in heaven in this thing. Anytime I ask him to take a bath, he immediately runs to my bathroom instead of his because he can slide down the sides and pretty much swim in the thing!

Guy calls him a traitor because he likes baths not showers. :)

Too cute, if I do say so myself. :)


My First Christmas Tree!!

By T-Rah

When we were living in Colorado we didn't see much point in decorating for Christmas since we were never at our house for the holidays...but this year, after all the dust settled, I figured it was time to try and be somewhat domestic and do a tree. And I LOVE it. :) It's so fun to come home to a lit tree with pretty decorations and my some of my favorite colors. I just wish I knew how to make the rest of my house look good!!

My favorite items on the tree are probaby the aqua poinsettias (even though I could only get two), the butterflies, the birds, and the pineapple. :) Most of my ornaments had to be plastic since "demolition boy" has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He's even been pretty good at breaking a couple plastic ones! And Guy isn't much better. I borrowed some glass ornaments from my mom and put them in a bowl (out of reach from Riley) and Guy wasn't convinced that they were he threw one and another to "prove his point," but really ended up proving himself wrong. So I guess I have two demolition boys in my house!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


What the October!?!

By T-Rah
Well, October has definitely been a "what the?!" month...and now that November is pretty much gone, I'd have to say diddo about Nov. too! :)

Where do I start? Well, Guy got two weeks off of work and we decided to take off to Des Moines to visit Jon and Ashley (and Brynlee, of course). They live in such a pretty place! It was so fun to visit them and play. We went to a hockey game, where Riley kept looking at a bunch of older girls (what the!?!?). We went to the zoo where they had "Night Eyes" and they got to go around and pick up treats at different "check points"and they had a lot of blow up toys to play on (like the riot zone in good ol' Rigby). We also went to the capital! It was amazing. We also played games and had yummy food cooked by Ashley. Riley and Brynlee played so well together, it was really fun to see them and we're sad we won't get to see them during the holidays...but new baby comes first!! Thanks again for letting us visit! We'll have to take another trip out there after baby boy is born. :)

After we got back from Des Moines we had two days to do laundry and get ready for my parents and the Shelese and her fam! We had so much fun with the visitors! We went to Mesa Verde and saw the City in the Cliffs (which has been on my list forever, and I knew we'd never go unless we got the right visitors that wanted to make the drive ). It was so crazy! I had no idea there were over 600 different cliff dwellings! We ended up just going to the biggest one since we didn't have a whole lot of time, it was cool! Erik, Shelese, and I ran a 5k on Saturday and Guy came to take our pictures (thanks Guy!!) while Mom and Dad watched the kids (thanks Mom and Dad!). It was Erik's 1st, Shelese's 2nd and my 3rd race. It was so much fun...but it was hard because the trails we went on weren't really trails...and it was pretty cold that early in the morning!!! But after you finish it makes you want to do it again!

After the race, the girls went to Ouray (Switzerland of America), a cute town about 45 minutes from our house and went to Box Canyon and got our sweet souvenir vases and/or dishes while the boys went golfing. On the way to Ouray I got a call from a realtor about a family that wanted to buy our house, but wanted to do a lease/own option. We'd talked with them before we went to Des Moines, but didn't hear much after that until this phone call. They were just asking rent prices and what not....

Shelese and Erik left Saturday evening and Mom and Dad left Sunday morning, taking the long way to Moab and back. On Monday I called the realtor and started discussing figures and when they might want to move in. She called her clients and called me back and asked if there was any chance we could be out in a week....what the?!?! The wife had to have surgery on the 17th of Nov. and they were hoping they could get settled before she had to go in. And since we figured it would be better for us to move now, instead of right before or right after the holidays...we said, WHAT THE heck...sure!! So my Mom (poor thing) came back with my brother Cameron and they help pack with us. My mom was a champ! I was running around trying to finalized the contract and everything...and Guy was trying to make sure his truck would be done in time (it was in the shop due to a hit and run...again, what the)...WHILST trying to find us a place to live once we moved...and a soon as we'd get a minute to help pack...Mom would already have like 10 boxes done! were a life-saver!!! So...we packed up on Thurs. and Friday we met with the owner of a home in I.F. who lives in SLC and signed papers and drove to our new home. SOOOO CRAZY! But it has also been nice to get it all done at once and not have it drag on forever.

Thanks to everyone for letting us visit...visiting us...and helping us move out...and in! We appreciate our family so much, it has really been a blessing to us to know we have people we can depend on!

And for those of you that are in the area fam AND friends...let's get together and go out!! I'd love it! And Guy would too! :)

will add pics later...once I get them all on my computer. sorry this one has no visuals


Bosom Buddies

By T-Rah

Well, Riley did my 2nd 5k with me. :) He was a good sport. I found out late last night that my town was doing a walk/run for breast cancer. We showed up late and had to hurry and pay and get outside to start the run...before I got to the designated area, I heard someone over the sound system count down and say "go!". Crap.

All the runners were ahead of the walkers so I had to try to weave my way through TONS of people before I could try running. :) My time wasn't great but it was really fun!

The best was seeing all the people and how excited they were to be their. My top 2 have to be 1) the old ladies with pink bras over their shirts...put on backwards with glitter writing on the cups that said "bosom buddies." I saw that one at the beginning of the race . After I loaded Riley and me in the car, I was pulling out and noticed and older couple with raglan T-shirts with a picture of 2nd base...and the quote said "SAVING SECOND BASE!" It took me a sec to realize they were talking about boobs...and I started laughing hysterically. What the?!


Late October Post

By T-Rah

Okay...I've been meaning to post for like a month! But so many "what the?!?'s" have happened that I've been waiting to put a slide show up to make things easier...but I'm never in the mood to figuring out how to do it (i'm sure it's easy...but I haven't found the time to prove to myself that it is back off. :)... hence, the long delay of no-posting on the "what the" blog. :)

ANYWAY: We moved into our new house in I.F. on Halloween, so I didn't get to take my little Riley Mac around this year...which I was quite bummed about. So I'm posting these pictures of when I had him try on his costume. He kept going around saying "huh huh" like a was so cute. --And the other day I put on my furry black boots (since it's frickin' freezing in Idaho!) and Riley came up to me and said "huh huh!!" That made me smile the whole time I was wearing my "gorilla shoes." lol


My Right of Passage

By T-Rah

Look at me...I have officially become my Mother's daughter. This is my Right of Passage: I bought fake fruit!

My Mom has fake fruit always! No, it's not plastered everywhere in her house. She is so amazing with cute decorations for all the seasons and holidays and fake fruit happens to be some of them. I don't think I will ever forget her cute fake cherries she would put in a bowl on the kitchen counter. They were so bright and yummy looking (even though I don't like cherries). But, I think the main reason I won't forget them is for the several people who actually thought they were real and tried to eat them. Seriously, I'm talkin' "stuck-one-in-their-mouth-and-had-to-spit-it-out" tried to eat them. ESPECIALLY my Grandpa A. He is so adorable. But it seemed like every time he came over he would reach down and pop one in his mouth. It happened to often that after awhile he would come over and reach for one...hesitate...then put his hand on his belly and just stare at the cherries wishing them to be real! Such a mean trick, Mom! haha

Anyway, I was hoping my Mom's gift for decorating would just be in my genes...but it turns out it's an acquired talent...what the!?!?!? I. Am. Clueless. So...for the fall I figured a good place to start was by getting fake fruit. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not totally proud of myself for how cute my table looks every time I walk by it. I know it is something so simple and easy...but like I said I'm clueless so this is TRUELY a big step for me....a step into my true Womanhood. HAHAHA!!!


My First Flower

By T-Rah

Okay, so it's not my first flower ever...but it's my first flower from Riley.

Guy set Riley up with a daycare just down the street from us. Basically, Riley goes there for a couple hours in the morning so I can go workout or run errands or whatever. Just a little "me" time. I was feeling kind of guilty for "making" him go there so I was a little stressed out the first day Guy took him there. Guy picked him up while I was on my way back from the gym and when I walked in the door, I heard Guy say "give it to mom..." I looked at Riley and he had both his hands full of crackers (he's seriously in this "give it all to me...I can carry it all" stage). But in one of his cracker hands was this flower...with full concentration and a sweet little smirk on his face he handed me the flower. Guy and Riley walked back from the daycare and Riley picked the flower. I thought he was so smart for being able to do give it to me...and so sweet, especially after I "dropped him" at a daycare that I almost broke down and bawled right then and there. I'm a mess, I know...but I just thought it was precious. :) :) Thanks to both my boys for being so sweet! I love you guys!


SYTYCD Concert!

By T-Rah

While I was at Shelese's, my parents and sister Moh, my niece Jessi and our friend Sally got to go to the SYTYCD concert! We are all major freaks of the show and it is so amazing to watch how talented the dancers are in ALL styles of dance (okay, my Dad isn't a freak about it...but he is a good sport). I was still so amazed even though I've watched them repeatedly on my DVR. :) It was really fun watching it with my family; laughing and making wide-eye expressions. It was so fun to look over at my Mom and see her get jazzed about crazy boy Mark's Bohemian Raphsody dance...and Gev's breaking of all things. Just to see her look over and smile and clap extra hard got me even more excited about being there with her. And to look over at my Dad after Joshua and Chelsea danced their Argentine Tango and he'd have his signature smirk and twinkle in his eye that seems to say "gee" and "cool" and "wow" and "i'm tickled pink" and "how can he do that with no ballroom training" all at the same time. I love that smirk: especially when it reminds me of times in my childhood when he gave that look to me or any of my siblings. It always made me feel like I conquered the impossible! :) And sitting in the middle of Moh and Shelese was a joy as always: to be able to look to either side of me and laugh and say "holy crap!" and dance along, and roll our eyes and the annoyingly desparate girls behind us that would yell "will! have my babies." And to see my little niece Jessi look at them and glare (she's only 6...but she already has the Archibald female trait of having ZERO tolerance for stupid, immature girls...I'm so proud! :).

And a BIG thanks to Erik for watching Riley the Monster so I could go while Guy was out of town! You are crazy...but very sweet to do that for me.

And I HAVE to mention the Guitar Hero hours with Erik and Shelese. I left my Xbox with them ON THE CONDITION that Erik would practice so he could give me some good competition. :) :) He and Shelese were fun to watch because Erik would be all into with playing...and Shelese would be all into dancing and singing!! I'm going to have to learn how to put videos on this so you can see her freak-side. It was awesome. She'd dance and sing through the whole song and when it was over she'd notice that Erik beat her and she'd say "I suck again!" But when the next song would start she just start booty shakin and singing along! Awesome.....

I had so much fun with Sha-Ducky and her fam. Thanks for putting up with us for 5 days!!! And thanks Mom, Dad, and Moh for playing with us too!

Note to Self: dance concert + annoying girls = headache + urge to take anger management. next time, bring earplugs.



By T-Rah

Well, we did it! Shelese and I crossed the finish line!! We ran/walked (we did not run the whole thing...this time) a 5k. We decided we wanted to jump on the "getting in shape/triathlon" band-wagon. Kipp has been doing a few tri's this year, and my sis-in-law Hidee is MISS triathlete. So we decided to start out with a 5k with pretty close to zero training.

(By the way, we aren't putting our fingers up because we are #1...we decided to remind ourselves that this one was our FIRST one...and hopefully we can put up and #2 ...then a 3..etc.:)
This one was fun because they called it 5(K)ard (as in poker)...and at 5 check points on the run we'd pick up a card...if you had a good hand at the end you won certain prizes. I got 3 of a kind (6's)... but it was still good enough to get a small prize. I was one short of getting a sweet workout bag...but the gatorade towel is nice too! lol

My goal was to be under 45 minutes and Shelese's was to be under 60 minutes (don't laugh at us...we haven't been training...back off! :). And we did it! My time was just over 42 minutes and Shelese's was just over 52 minutes! But, we realized after our run that a bunch of us ran an extra 1/2 mile. We weren't familiar with the area and we didn't see any signs, so about half way into it we made our own detour. haha.

After hearing that we were REALLY proud of our times! And now we are hooked! We are already planning another one in November, and hopefully we can find one in October. I'm glad Shelese found this one so close to her home and that I was in town for it...if I hadn't tried a 5k before it started getting cold I would've told myself that I'd "do it next year..." and then I would've found enough lazy excuses to "forget" to train for it. So, THANKS SHELESE.

We are a little sore today...but in a good way. I'm excited to start training seriously on Monday!



By T-Rah

For Labor Day weekend Guy and I went with Juan and Valerie to Vegas. It was so nice to get away. We flew in their daughter to watch Riley some of the time so we could get a break too. :) It was fun! We did most of the kid stuff: Circus Circus (Riley loved the adventuredome), the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, the Lions at MGM, the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur, and swimming of course. We had a good time! Friday night we went to Bill Engvall's stand up show...he is so bloody hilarious. We all had stomach aches from laughing so hard!

Riley's favorite BY FAR was the escalators. He could not get enough of those things! If we were ever waiting for someone we'd let him loop up and down. He thought that was so cool!
Our last night there, however, Guy started barfing...followed by Riley later in the night. Poor kids. The day after we got back I got sick too. So it's a little hard to remember how much fun we had when we are all still recovering from being sick! :)

BUT, I did get a cute outfit from BeBe and a knock-off Chanel bag! So I don't have too much to complain about! haha!


Withdrawals...and...Green with Envy

By T-Rah
I'm a freak about a lot of things...let's just get that out right now...if you need proof, ask Guy. ;) I get addicted to a lot of stuff. My summer "heroine" addictions have been narrowed to two...which is ahead of the curve for me: "So you think you can Dance," and the Twilight Saga. One of the plethora of reasons I'm addicted to the two is because all 3 of my sisters AND my mother are into them as well. Even when we're not together we have to call each other to discuss, argue, and salivate. :) I just finished "Breaking Dawn" and I'm still geeking out about it. I figured a good way to unwind from that "fix" was catch up on SYTYCD. So watching the season finale AND finishing my book on the same day...not the best idea. Now I'm not sure where or when I'll get my next fix!!

Seriously...a freak.

But, aside from addiction: I'm green with envy. I love watching SYTYCD...the great dancers, the CHOREOGRAPHY, the music...all of it is such a fascination to me. But sometimes it hurts to watch because I want to be that good!! lol I don't care to be on the show...don't misunderstand...but I haven't TAKEN a dance class for a long time and I'm itching for it!! Oh the money I would pay to go to LA or NY to spend one week getting my butt kicked by some of these choreographers! But in reality, I can't even do the freaking splits anymore. lol I'm old.....WHAT THE!?

Maybe I'll be able to find some local dance classes until the money starts "rolling in." Ha ha.
Don't worry...your comments don't have to be all supportive and nice...I'm not depressed. I'm just admitting that I have a problem...that's the first step to recovery. :) :) Tee hee

Free Personal signatures - cool!

By T-Rah


By T-Rah
I am seeing if my signature works......that is all. :)


Summer Summer

By T-Rah

Wow! I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by...too fast!! We've had a lot of fun this summer, but we're wishing it would last longer so we can maybe relax a little too! :)

In May we moved back to Colorado (since our house didn't sell) we had a bunch of home projects: Guy gutted our master bath and put in new tile and a new vanity, while I painted the bathrooms upstairs and cleaned the carpets. :) We've been enjoying our home (and the hot tub!) but we still have projects we'd like to get start AND finish...all in good time I guess. :)

We soon learned after we moved that Riley could climb out of his crib, so we had to get him a new bed and dressers. I opted for some locker type drawers since they were $40 rather than $150+ for a dresser. lol I think they are really cute, and I can use them later in a mud room, or toy room after Riley grows out of them...but Guy asked "why the crap did you get those?" I told him to stop talking. :)

We went to Idaho for a few weeks. Guy's Grandma and Uncle past away on the same day. We we so sad to see them go. I personally didn't know his Uncle as well, but his Grandma was such a sweetie and we miss her terribly. We also want Grandpa to know how great he is and we are thinking of him always!

Before we left we went boating with the Hancock Clan. It was nice to play and relax on the dock. Guy brought his fishing pole and I caught one...actually Guy just let me reel it in. But, that still counts. :)

For the Fourth of July we went to Pueblo with our friends Juan and Valerie, and went boating for most of the weekend! The water was so warm and the weather was hot! Riley fed the ducks and geese with Valerie and we went on a paddle boat. Riley had a lot of fun. And when Riley has does everybody else. lol A perfect way to spend the holiday. :)

When we got back we had my sis Mandy and her family visit. They lived in Florida and drove cross-country to visit family before they moved to Japan for 3-4 years. We had a lot of fun with them, playing guitar hero, boating, seeing the sights, and of course, relaxing. :)

Guy went to work for a week and when he got back his brother Jon, his wife Ashley, and their little girl Brynlee came from Des Moines for a week. We had so much fun with them seeing the sites (Ouray was awesome, I hadn't been there since we've been back and I forgot how much I love that place!) and playing games! Ashley beat us all on Guitar Hero so I'm going to have to keep practicing. It was the best watching Guy and Jon play...they were the closest competitors, it made for a good match. That, and they both dance when they play. :) It was also really fun to have Riley and Brynlee play together. They were cute. Only a few fights...but what can you expect with a couple kids pushing 2. :)

After they left, Guy went back to work and I flew to Idaho to spend a little more time with my family before Mandy moved. It was so nice, everyone was able to be there (except for Guy of course), even my sister Shelese who just had a baby a few weeks ago. Her little boy is so adorable...but that's a given when you look at all of her children. ;) We went to the zoo, and boating, and of course played at Grandma's house...the grandkids had so much fun together...which was nice for us adults. :)

I was going to fly back home on Monday, but Guy called and said he needed to come to Idaho for some business errands. So I'm waiting for him to show up and Riley and I will drive home with him. But, I guess it's good timing because my Mom's side of the family is having a reunion this weekend in Utah, so maybe we can hit that on our way. We haven't seen all of them in awhile. Well I think that's quite enough pictures for one day. Thanks to our friends and family who put up with us! We sure enjoy your company!!