Late October Post

By T-Rah

Okay...I've been meaning to post for like a month! But so many "what the?!?'s" have happened that I've been waiting to put a slide show up to make things easier...but I'm never in the mood to figuring out how to do it (i'm sure it's easy...but I haven't found the time to prove to myself that it is back off. :)... hence, the long delay of no-posting on the "what the" blog. :)

ANYWAY: We moved into our new house in I.F. on Halloween, so I didn't get to take my little Riley Mac around this year...which I was quite bummed about. So I'm posting these pictures of when I had him try on his costume. He kept going around saying "huh huh" like a was so cute. --And the other day I put on my furry black boots (since it's frickin' freezing in Idaho!) and Riley came up to me and said "huh huh!!" That made me smile the whole time I was wearing my "gorilla shoes." lol


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