We TRIed!

By T-Rah

I know, I haven't posted since before Christmas (what the?!)....and I refuse to post everything that happened between now and then, even though I should....I just don't wanna. :)
So I will hit a few highlights here and there..but will mostly just move on. No sense in living in the past. :)

CHRIS, KIPP and I went to Salem, UT and participated in a Triathlon! Kipp did a few Tri's last year but this was a first for Chris and I. This one was a Sprint: 1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike, and a 3 mile run. We FINISHED without injury or the need of oxygen or an ambulance, which was a total success in my book! :)

It was fun to see some other Rigby Tri-experts there, my Sis-in-law Hidee and her buds were there in full force...I was sure to wave at Tori as she passed me like I was standing still on the bike! haha! I really did enjoy how excited everyone was about being there. It definitely has a different feel of competition there. Everyone is happy and supportive, not "I'm soooo going to kick your butt." lol The announcer was awesome...it didn't matter if you were first or last...he rallied everyone into cheering you on as you crossed the finish line while they announced your name! It's definitely a fun feeling accomplishing something like that...even though I still have a long way to go to actually be impressive...but it was impressive to me, so back off!! :)

We are doing another on in July and that will be the Olympic (double the distance in every event)....we'll see if I survive that one. :) I'll let you know...or my next of kin will. haha!