What the October!?!

By T-Rah
Well, October has definitely been a "what the?!" month...and now that November is pretty much gone, I'd have to say diddo about Nov. too! :)

Where do I start? Well, Guy got two weeks off of work and we decided to take off to Des Moines to visit Jon and Ashley (and Brynlee, of course). They live in such a pretty place! It was so fun to visit them and play. We went to a hockey game, where Riley kept looking at a bunch of older girls (what the!?!?). We went to the zoo where they had "Night Eyes" and they got to go around and pick up treats at different "check points"and they had a lot of blow up toys to play on (like the riot zone in good ol' Rigby). We also went to the capital building...wow! It was amazing. We also played games and had yummy food cooked by Ashley. Riley and Brynlee played so well together, it was really fun to see them and we're sad we won't get to see them during the holidays...but new baby comes first!! Thanks again for letting us visit! We'll have to take another trip out there after baby boy is born. :)

After we got back from Des Moines we had two days to do laundry and get ready for my parents and the Shelese and her fam! We had so much fun with the visitors! We went to Mesa Verde and saw the City in the Cliffs (which has been on my list forever, and I knew we'd never go unless we got the right visitors that wanted to make the drive ). It was so crazy! I had no idea there were over 600 different cliff dwellings! We ended up just going to the biggest one since we didn't have a whole lot of time, it was cool! Erik, Shelese, and I ran a 5k on Saturday and Guy came to take our pictures (thanks Guy!!) while Mom and Dad watched the kids (thanks Mom and Dad!). It was Erik's 1st, Shelese's 2nd and my 3rd race. It was so much fun...but it was hard because the trails we went on weren't really trails...and it was pretty cold that early in the morning!!! But after you finish it makes you want to do it again!

After the race, the girls went to Ouray (Switzerland of America), a cute town about 45 minutes from our house and went to Box Canyon and got our sweet souvenir vases and/or dishes while the boys went golfing. On the way to Ouray I got a call from a realtor about a family that wanted to buy our house, but wanted to do a lease/own option. We'd talked with them before we went to Des Moines, but didn't hear much after that until this phone call. They were just asking rent prices and what not....

Shelese and Erik left Saturday evening and Mom and Dad left Sunday morning, taking the long way to Moab and back. On Monday I called the realtor and started discussing figures and when they might want to move in. She called her clients and called me back and asked if there was any chance we could be out in a week....what the?!?! The wife had to have surgery on the 17th of Nov. and they were hoping they could get settled before she had to go in. And since we figured it would be better for us to move now, instead of right before or right after the holidays...we said, WHAT THE heck...sure!! So my Mom (poor thing) came back with my brother Cameron and they help pack with us. My mom was a champ! I was running around trying to finalized the contract and everything...and Guy was trying to make sure his truck would be done in time (it was in the shop due to a hit and run...again, what the)...WHILST trying to find us a place to live once we moved...and a soon as we'd get a minute to help pack...Mom would already have like 10 boxes done! SHEZABELL...you were a life-saver!!! So...we packed up on Thurs. and Friday we met with the owner of a home in I.F. who lives in SLC and signed papers and drove to our new home. SOOOO CRAZY! But it has also been nice to get it all done at once and not have it drag on forever.

Thanks to everyone for letting us visit...visiting us...and helping us move out...and in! We appreciate our family so much, it has really been a blessing to us to know we have people we can depend on!

And for those of you that are in the area fam AND friends...let's get together and go out!! I'd love it! And Guy would too! :)

will add pics later...once I get them all on my computer. sorry this one has no visuals


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  1. CaraNathan November 23, 2008 at 12:53 PM
    Okay so Maybe I am a retard but where did you move to? and who is having a baby?
  2. JEFF AND LINDSY November 25, 2008 at 10:44 PM
    That is so fun that you guys live in Idaho Falls again, I hope your enjoying the cold....weather!
  3. Alicia December 1, 2008 at 8:51 AM
    Sounds like you have been very busy having fun! Now you can enjoy getting ready for the holidays! Merry Christmas!
  4. Marcy M Miller December 1, 2008 at 12:38 PM
    Wow- how crazy! That is so exciting that you live closer to your family know, that will be nice!
  5. Ashley Hancock December 2, 2008 at 9:27 AM
    I'm glad everything worked out with the house! Can't wait to see pics of your new place. We sure miss you guys! Brynlee out of the blue the other day said, "Mommy, Where is Riley?" We love you guys!

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